IELTS Coaching & Training in Chennai

Why is SCOREGETTER the best place to do IELTS ?

This is because, for us here at SCOREGETTER, brilliant scores are everything. In fact, the mission statement at SCOREGETTER reads “TOP SCORES ARE OUR BUSINESS”

This means, unlike other institutions, it is not the counselors or the Management that does the talking. Our top scores do most of the talking.

Unlike other institutions, SCOREGETTER, best known for IELTS Coaching & Training in Chennai, does not regard the IELTS as just another examination. We realize that the IELTS is a serious investment which could yield bountiful returns in the future career of the student in the form of Scholarship and grants We realize that the IELTS is a passport to a bright future and therefore SCOREGETTER orients all its activities to ensure that the students return solid scores in the IELTS. In a nutshell for SCOREGETTER, results are everything.


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a standardized examination administered by the British Council for acceptance into the UK and associated Commonwealth countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

IELTS has two modules, General and Academic. General module is for immigration and therefore requires only working knowledge of the English language. The academic stream is for students looking to study in foreign Universities. The Academic module tests the analytical skills of the students and therefore requires more rigorous preparation

IELTS at SCOREGETTER is given below

The classes are held in a “Cyclic” fashion. This is a unique concept we Endeavour to practice at SCOREGETTER. This means that a student can start off at any topic on any day and complete the course at the end of their cycle which is student friendly. Though we insist and recommend that students are regular to class and run through their cycle in one shot, we, at SCOREGETTER, understand that emergencies could occur necessitating a break in the cycle. Our counselors are aware of this aspect and in genuine cases the student can join in the next cycle based on mutual understanding

Unlike other institutions, we do not penalize you for missing classes, provided the reasons are genuine and valid. All such extraordinary instances will he dealt with by the Management strictly on a case-by-case basis.

Encouraged by excellent feedback from students, we are confident that our course works. In fact, so confident that at SCOREGETTER we do something which other institutions may shudder even to think about. To demonstrate the student friendly nature of SCOREGETTER IELTS COURSE COMES WITH A SIX MONTHS VALIDITY. This means that any student taking the course can avail of the unparalleled expertise on a repeat basis. To guarantee student excellence, the repeat course is absolutely FREE.

We offer full-length, Weekend, Weekdays & Fast track specialized IELTS tutoring.
Feel free to sit in a sample class or if you are a member of a student group or
organization, we will arrange to have one of our professional instructors speak at your event free of charge.
Call the office and all the arrangements will be done.