Getting started with the MBA Dream (GMAT)

GMAT Study Tips are as follows

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If you are having an MBA in your mind, taking the required exam such as the GMAT will be the first step to move forward towards your MBA. Get GMAT Study tips.

Research on the different MBA options you have and chose the best suited in your interest.

Understand the GMAT Procedure and workout some sample questions.

Avoid aimless preparation

Do not aimlessly download content online form unknown sources, this practice will take you nowhere. If you continue with this practice, all you will have is a folder with endless material on the GMAT, unnecessary and a lot of wasted time.

Take an official GMAT full-length test

Before you start your GMAT preparation, you must know the knowledge you have on mathematics and English, please take an official GMAT diagnostic test. This will help you know your weak areas and plan your preparation.

Choose Guided preparation over self-preparation

Choosing to join an institute is always a better option, as this will organize you study plan, know the do and don’ts on the GMAT preparation. Getting skilled guidance will help you save a huge amount of precious time and will avoid needless study hours.

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Plan you preparation from the beginning until the test day.
Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
Learn shortcut techniques on all quantitative questions
Understand strategies on the Verbal Section.
Prepare from the high scoring contents
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One to One doubt clearing sessions.
Extra help in weak areas.

Preparation Strategy

At the beginning, do not study for long hours, instead study in shot intervals like 45 minutes and accumulate your time. An ideal time that one may need from the start to end of the preparation till the GMAT exam day will be 90 to 120 days. In this stipulated period, one must be ready for the GMAT exam unless you are very weak in certain question formats.


Self Assessment

During your GMAT preparation, take mock tests at regular intervals. In the 120 days preparation you must take 5 to 6 mock tests. In the final 2 mock tests you must achieve the desired score. The moment you get the desired score please proceed with the GMAT exam booking.

GMAT Exam Fee

The fee for the GMAT exam is $250.