Understanding IELTS with ScoreGetter IELTS Training

First and foremost, the IELTS assesses the candidate’s linguistic competence with a series of strategic questions distributed over the test’s four sections of the test: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.


To get a high score in the Listening section, you need to pay close attention to the topic of the discourse or lecture and apply logic to grasp the question you are presented with to answer it correctly. You will only encounter 2 types of questions: fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice.

Question Types

Here, candidates encounter a variety of question variations (True/False, Not Given, Paragraph Headings, etc.). Use a keyword search to determine where in the process the answer may be found and use it to deal with the question.


Writing tasks undoubtedly evaluate a candidate’s ability in areas like relevance to the subject, readability, vocabulary, tone, transitions, idioms/phrases, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, etc. Case studies or current examples should be used to demonstrate the scenario.


The Speaking section looks at how the language is used in terms of fluency, and delivery, and come up with spontaneous and logical answers to questions. But the accent is not a big deal as long as it doesn’t make the delivery very different from that of a native English speaker.


The IELTS could typically be cleared without grammatical mistakes by a native speaker of the language, to accomplish this you must imply the correct strategies.

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